Maybe it will start a straw hat and severed ear trend.
— Carey Dunne,

What if Vincent Van Gogh rode the subway? What if he got overwhelmed in Trader Joe's, swiped right on Tinder, made latte art, and took selfies just like you and me? What if he lived in Brooklyn? 

The Van Gogh Show follows Vincent Van Gogh's daily misadventures from the mundane to the absurd, with an emphasis on the absurd. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.58.09 PM.png

The Van Gogh Show was created by Franny Civitano, Robert Reynolds, Logan Ford, Chris Raddatz, and Caitlin Davis after Robert (Van Gogh) blew up the internet and sparked a Van Gogh sensation. Franny also produced, created story content, and was on set doing various other jobs for almost every episode.

Check out The Van Gogh Show on twitter and instagram (@vangoghshow) and watch all the episodes here.